Increasing land tenure security, claiming social justice, protecting nature and our cultural heritage will help building a more sustainable world with less conflicts and better managed population movements. Land Clarity assists NGOs in need of land management for sheltering, farming, educating, treating, building basic utilities, securing zones to protect. We practice special discounts for NGOs following Land Clarity's intention to provide a safe place to live and farm to the most vulnerable people.


Land Clarity is very pleased to assist Communities around the world to work on the relationships towards land. Communities and their citizens occupy the land traditionally for generations. But their local and informal practices have been greatly disturbed, sometimes vanished, during the colonization time. In the recent times, population movements have increased and the lack of clear land administration prevents communities to manage the land properly. Currently, there is a synergy between communities and governments to formalize the traditional land practices in order to build a more sustainable world. Land Clarity goes in the field and helps the Communities around the world to build clear local land administrations to be integrated into the formal system and recognized internationally. In the meantime, we coach communities in improving their local land governance and protect their cultural heritage.


Land Clarity assists companies engaged in agriculture, forestry, mining, construction, renewable energy, etc. in need of land transparency before undertaking any investment. We proceed to land tenure analyses and due diligence sometimes in remote places to understand the geography and the environment prior to launch an ESIA or any necessary studies. We clarify the legal framework of action regarding land access and resettlement, prepare land information systems and units to manage land and social changes. We work in close collaboration with social workers for preparing special cases like women's access to tenure recognition and security. We even organize women (or other special groups') only meetings to hear and raise their voices regarding social justice.


Land Clarity assists ministerial entities, regional and local governments in urban, peri-urban ou rural areas to realize concrete projects such as undertaking land reform programs, improving land information and administration systems, proceeding to sporadic and/or systematic registration, digitizing existing land records, computerizing registration mechanisms, negotiating with private companies in need of land access for investments, and resettlement of populations by following the national laws and international standards as well as respecting traditional land occupation practices and protecting the biodiversity, facing special situations like women claiming social justice with tenure recognition, or nomads settling down in cities and having difficulties to follow regular urban patterns.