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Social Clarity 
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RiskLogik is the resilience company. The company preserves and protects business value by helping both private and public sector organizations to anticipate, survive and recover from disruptive events, either man made or natural.


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Social Clarity is an international social performance consultancy, with a particular focus on working in complex transitional environments, including emerging markets and fragile and conflict-affected states.


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Countries of experience:

Afghanistan, Belize Burkina Faso, Cambodia, France Haiti, India, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Senegal, Sweden, Uganda, and the USA.

Languages spoken:

  • French, native fluency

  • English, advanced proficiency

  • German, academic level

  • Spanish, oral proficiency

Soon after finishing her licensed surveyor's studies in the late 90s, Anne worked for a major telecom company in Europe as a geo-marketing analyst, then for a car navigation company in California as a database quality project manager. In 2005, she decided to take off on a trans-continental solo motorcycle odyssey from the tip of Alaska to the tip of Argentina.


After that trip, and despite a successful one-year trial measuring the sewers of Paris with advanced survey equipment, Anne experienced adventure withdrawal symptoms. She seized an opportunity to participate in the reconstruction of Afghanistan as a project manager and technical expert. The objective was to rehabilitate Afghan cities with street addresses, establish secure property rights in informal settlements and modernize the administration's information management systems.


This three-year experience led Anne to engage with several land reform programs and agri-business projects around the world. In 2015, she naturally created Land Clarity.

Countries of 
Anne Girardin

Land Clarity is a land performance consulting firm dedicated to understanding land-related complexities and bring land transparency among societies, secure tenure rights for the most vulnerable people, improve land management and prepare resilience to land changes worldwide.


We offer divers services such as land analyses, due diligence, land and social information management systems' design & implementation, as well as land-related project management, training, communication, auditing, and community awareness & development services.

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We participate to various kinds of projects where tenure is key: private investments implying land access and resettlement, land reforms including land administration systems and rural cadaster development, street addressing, identification of sources for shelter, food and energy, women's access to land, nomadic settlements, etc. We act particularly in post-conflict and post-disaster zones.

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We support diverse clients such as governments, communities, companies, and NGOs in need of proper land governance for infrastructure, agriculture and economic development, community settlements, as well as conservation and social justice. We often act as a bridge between stakeholders and ensure technical and legal consistency between local, national and international standards.

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