Land Clarity offers divers land-related performances such as land tenure assessment, due diligence, land administration systems' design & implementation, street addressing, project management, training, communication, community awareness & development, auditing...




Land Clarity participates to various kinds of projects where land transparency and tenure security are key: land reforms, land access & resettlement, street addressing, rural cadaster, agro-business, irrigation, women's access to land security... and we act in fragile environments ...


Land Clarity supports governments, communities, companies, and NGOs in need of improved land governance. Land Clarity often acts as a bridge between stakeholders and ensures technical and legal consistency between local, national and international standards.




With the increasing effects of climate change and migration movements, territories are challenged to provide spaces for economical development and sources for shelter, food, energy and social identity to each citizen.

Land Clarity is a land performance consulting firm dedicated to support states, communities, corporations and NGOs in understanding land-related complexities and bring land transparency among societies, secure tenure rights for the most vulnerables, improve land management and prepare resilience to land changes worldwide.

At Land Clarity we support economic development based on secure land tenure and we want children, mothers and fathers of the world to live safely and comfortably anywhere they choose to live.

Credits: thank you to Charlotte Bisley for launching the idea of "clarity", Bruce Coyne for launching the idea of "complexity" and the students of Liffol-le-Grand (France) middle school for sketching the land use map of the bogus village of Gawa in the background image.


Land Clarity is located in France and works internationally !

Tel: +33 6 66 91 47 86

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